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How to get vector end position

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Hi Y is vertical axis, X and Z are horizontal. If i have a vector V with yaw rotation angle angY and pitch angle angP and a distance Dist. How can i compute his final position? I know that i can get the horzontal position by pos.X += distance * cos( angY * degToRadians ); pos.Z -= distance * sin( angY * degToRadians ); but that can't take account for the vertical angle. Thanks in advance

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and found something in irrlicht forum similar to your response and tried to adapt. Not sure if is ok.

core::vector3df VecEndPosition( const core::vector3df &v1, const float Phi, const float Theta, const float dist )
float DEG2RAD = 3.141592 / 180.0;

float sinOfPhi = sinf(Phi * DEG2RAD);
float cosOfPhi = cosf(Phi * DEG2RAD);

float sinOfTheta = sinf(Theta * DEG2RAD);
float cosOfTheta = cosf(Theta * DEG2RAD);

core::vector3df offset = v1;

offset.X += dist * sinOfTheta * sinOfPhi;
offset.Y += dist * cosOfPhi;
offset.Z += dist * cosOfTheta * sinOfPhi;

return offset;

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