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[SLIMDX] Device Lost Management

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I've been using SLIMDX in VB.NET for sometime with good success on a CAD / Engineering application. The only thing I'm struggling with is the Device management, particularly detecting, capturing and recovering from Device Lost events (caused by PC screensavers, suspends etc) I currently run a global D3D9 device, with a heap of Try > Catch > End Try routines. It works, but it's ugly and seems to cause memory leaks after reseting / rebuilding the device, and doesn't work on some video cards. The SlimDX game framework in the SDK works OK in the demos, but (no offence to the SlimDX guys) the system seems complex, difficult to pull apart and unsuited for my app (basically load up a heap of fixed pipe geometry objects and force a render when complete) Sorry for the vague question, but any advice on simple steps (or pseudo code) I need to create and manage my Device better?

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