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[SLIMDX] issue

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so i had to create a 3d texture to hold several frames of raw data for some gpu postprocesing, its 512x64x16 of r16g16b16a16_unorm though i was hoping to change that to _sint basically i map it with databox mtex =, writediscard, none)<short>(framedata, frame.length*framenum, frame.length); the frame.length is 131072 and framenum cycles upto 15 it fails once framenum>0 and tells me the position an the data length to write go past the length of the buffer. if iam debugging in vs and break atthe writerange and probe mtex it says its size is 16777216 bytes and the rowpitch is 4096 and slicepitch is 262144 since there are 32768 point per slice and 8 bytes per point 262144 works out but then x16 frames is 4194304 so where does the extra x4 come in to get to 16777216? i kept thinnking i was adressing it wrong in the .map and that maybe subresources were slices but no, i dont get how to map a 3d texture and i cat find examples, what am i doing wrong?

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