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Hi, I'm trying to write a game using OOBB code that a friend of mine wrote. He's now unavailable and I've run into an error in my code involving his class. OOBB.h
void Set(Vector& newCenter, const double w, const double h, double angle);

OBB2D Current;
Current.Set(Pos, (double)pCharacters[CharsOnScreen[i]]->GetW(), (double)pCharacters[CharsOnScreen[i]]->GetH(), (double)pCharacters[CharsOnScreen[i]]->GetAngle());

The method definition is in OOBB.h and I'm trying to use it in MyClass.cpp. I'm getting an error saying "No matching function call OOBB::Set(SVec2&, double, double, double)" I think its because of the const in the method definition, but I dont know if that is it or how to fix it. Cheers

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