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Need Advice! for physic, in easy bowling game

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i want to create simple bowling game. i know that it is too difficult for beginner to create realistic bowling game. now, i study programming and i realized that physic is important as same as math. so i want to try to learn physic by programming. and i need to make the game that using physic theory for my assignement. (that's problem) hope some one can help, please. first, how can i calculate the direction(angle) if the ball hit the wall? |______________| |____________ X| |____________/_| |___________/__| |__________/___| |_________o____| after the ball hit the wall, velocity gonna change? also, when the ball hit the pin, how can i calculate the force? |___PPPPP____| |________\___| |________o___| |____________| when the ball hit the pin, the pin may bounce or spin to crash the another so what the basically i need to know?(pin will be only one layer, to make the game is simple) i am new about physic but i want to try. please advice me the simple concept. thanks.

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