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XNA Model.Tag

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Hello, I own Autodesk's 3ds max and MotioBuilder but unfortunately I am not an animation artist just a humble programmer. My problem is that I try to load a Model in my XNA game but the Model.Tag property is always null and thus I cannot use the animations that are included in the model. My content processor works fine as I have tested other ready-made models but I want to use the one I made in this case. I encountered that smooth binding is needed but thats the "naming" in Maya which I don't own. Does anyone know how its called in 3ds max or in MotioBuilder? Also is there any other way to export my fbx so that the Tag property is not null? Also in the MotioBuilder my model looks fine but when I load it in 3ds max only the skeleton moves leaving the model behind in a standstill

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