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need help with mouse in allegro

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I'm very new to Allegro, and trying to learn. I am creating a test game, and I need to create some buttons for the user to click on with the mouse. So I drew the button to the screen (as a sprite), enabled the mouse, and tried to create a make-shift if statement to say "if the mouse is over this certain area (the button area), and the button is this." the problem is that my code looks very tacky, and I cant really get it to detect there the button is. I think I'm going into this a$$-backward. Is there a better way to do what I'm trying to do? Thanks :) code: show_mouse(screen); draw_sprite( screen, button, 410, 215); while ( !key[KEY_ESC] ){ if(mouse_x >= 410 && mouse_x <= 430 && mouse_y >= 215 && mouse_x <= 220){ **DO THIS** } }

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