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sort of new to game making

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Hi, i am sort of new to game making. i have some experience with rpg maker VX but i want to move away from the rpg game style and more onto the FPS genre. i want to know a good engine / program i can use to make a game with little to none coding (dont know much about coding but i want to learn) my ultimate goal is to make a small lvl zombie game and then turn it into a big lvl zombie game. so, does anyone have any advice for me on a engine thats easy to use for beginners? i really want to learn how to make fps games. preferabley a free engine IF possible or a engine i can *cough buy cough* Thanks if anyone replies with some helpful comments, T.

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Hello Tremors.

I'm kinda in the same situation as you, how to make a game.

I'm kinda confused because you say
"i want to know a good engine / program i can use to make a game with little to none coding (dont know much about coding but i want to learn)"

Both you say you don't wont to code very much but you want to learn how to code ?

If you want to make a proper game you should learn programming from the START but you do also have the option to choose a Drag and Drop program to make a little but not so cool game.

There is no easy way to make games, you cannot just start with a engine and begin programming thats impossible its like saying "Give me a car engine and I'll drive the car".

If you choose to learn how to program you have several language options where they all range from programming small games to bigger games but the difficulty also varies alot.

I've started learning C++ from the start, C++ is the most used language for proper games in the game industry but its also one of the very difficult languages to learn and it takes time to learn.

I have bought myself a book called Beginning C++ Through Game Programming by Michael Dawson and currently I'm at the third chapter containing Arrays, for loops, and something about objects.

Thats still very very basic but without the basic its impossible to make something better.

Don't be mistaken by the book title "Through game programming" its C++ from the very beginning even a person who never programmed before would be able to use this book I think.

All the examples in this book is used in small games made within the command prompt window.

At the moment I've been able to make a game where the computer choosed a different number and I had to guess the number, I then added score and other stuff to the game myself without the help of the book because the book learned me alot and from that I was able to add more to the game myself.

After I have read and understood this book to the fulliest I will exspand my knowledge with some OpenGL or DirectX "properly DirectX 9.0" to be able to do some 2D graphics.

Though if you want to make small games I think there is a program called Game Maker or something like that which require no programming knowledge at all as far as I know.

Though I would recommend begin programming, if you just want to make small games and keep the games small you could use Java.

Or if you want to make webbrowser games you could learn XHTML, CSS, PHP, and learn how to use a MySQL database, javascript and Ajax would also be a good thing for webbrowser games.

Though Java can also be programmed to be able to run in the webbrowser.

And then there is Flash with ActionScript 3.0 which is also very good for programming web games or websites.

It doesn't require a mastermind to be able to learn example C++, I'm no mastermind, I'm good at XHTML, CSS, PHP, and use of MySQL but I never used those languages to make games only websites so as you can see my prior experience with programming is nothing near C++ or even Java.

XHTML, CSS, PHP is some of the easiest languages to learn.

Regards Galima

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Ever thought about doing a MOD? Pick your favourite game/engine. Since you're aiming for a FPS, check out Crysis, Unreal, Halflife2, Doom3, or maybe something else.

The big companies ussually have a proper documentated engine + all the tools. You still may need to code something though, depends on how far you walk away from the pre-designed path. Replacing some textures, maps and models probably doesn't require programming. Adjusting AI, GUI, making events and scripts probably does. But at least it's a somewhat user-friendly way to learn the hard stuff, and you have examples from the pro's.

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To answer your question about the little to no coding program, there is FPS Creator, available from the game creators website (thegamecreators.com). While it is entirely up to you on whether to use this program or not, I would suggest that you start coding from the start, cause this way it'll be a lot easier for you to do this as you go.

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