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Free Matching Making Service on PC?

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Hi guys, anyone know of a free match making service on the PC? of a fixed low cost solution? Thanks! -ddn

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I'm afraid you'll have to give us a little more information than that.

I think that there are many free web-based matchmaking solutions that you might be able to use; almost all of them would run on a PC because a PC can run Apache / MySQL / PHP.

Or are you talking about UDP matchmaking for NAT punch-through?

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Btw, here you go:

from twisted.internet import reactor, protocol
from twisted.protocols import basic
import os
import sys
import time
import urllib

class Session(object):
def __init__(self, type, ip, name):
self.ip = ip
self.type = type
self.name = name
self.lasttime = time.time()

# Matcher keeps a list of sessions, and can return a list of
# sessions that match a given key and is not too old
class Matcher(object):
def __init__(self):
self.sessions = {}
def update(self, ip, type, name):
self.sessions[ip] = Session(type, ip, name)
def search(self, pattern):
now = time.time()
# do incremental clean-up of the session list, one item per query
todel = None
ret = []
for k in self.sessions.iteritems():
if k[1].lasttime > now - 120:
if pattern in k[1].type:
todel = k[0]
if todel:
del self.session[todel]
return ret

matcher = Matcher()

class Protocol(basic.LineReceiver):
def lineReceived(self, line):
global matcher
if len(line) > 512:
# don't allow ridiculous sizes
parts = line.split(" ")
ret = ["error: no command given"]
if len(parts) > 0:
ret = ["error: unknown command '%s'" %
if len(parts) == 2:
if parts[0] == 'MATCH':
q = matcher.search(urllib.unquote(parts[1]).strip())
ret = ["found %d matches" % (len(q),)]
for i in q:
ret.append("%s %s %s" % (urllib.quote(str(i.ip.host)),
urllib.quote(i.type), urllib.quote(i.name)))
elif len(parts) == 3:
if parts[0] == 'LIST':
ret = ["ok"]
for l in ret:
self.transport.write(l + "\r\n")

class Factory(protocol.ServerFactory):
protocol = Protocol

def run():
reactor.listenTCP(54321, Factory())

if __name__ == "__main__":

I just googled "python twisted tutorial" and spent 30 minutes writing some code. You run it by installing Python 2.6 and Twisted (both are free downloads), then simply:

python matcher.py

It will listen on port 54321, and accepts two kinds of commands (one line each):

LIST some-type-here some-name-here
MATCH some-substring-here

LIST puts a listing into the database under the appropriate type and name. MATCH searches for any listing that is newer than 2 minutes and contains some-substring-here within the "type" part of the listing. All arguments should be URL encoded, so spaces should become %20. Similarly, return values are also URL encoded.

Matches are returned one per line, of the form:
ip-address type-string name-string

No given command can be longer than 512 bytes.

[Edited by - hplus0603 on February 13, 2010 2:35:05 AM]

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Thanks hplus0603! Sorry for the lack of info, I'm not sure myself about the requirements. We were looking for some low cost solution for our casual games, for connecting PC <-> PC and maybe iPhone <-> PC or iPhone <-> iPhone game.

I'll look into Twisted, thanks for the heads up and the code ! :D

Thanks again!


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A question for you: What do you consider "low cost"?
And how many users do you expect to be using your application at the same time?

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