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"Living" Game Editor documentation

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I'm developing a game that comes with an editor to let you produce your own level content. The project started a very long time ago, so the editor manual was developed in a very old version of RoboHelp (basically documents are written as HTML files, and they're all published into a Windows CHM help file). The editor comes with: - A full manual in CHM form to just browse through. - Integrated help where you can press a button, and it will open a window that contains a browser control that points to a folder that has a collection of HTML files from the manual. It will know which file to open based on what you're doing in the editor. The operative words are "very long time ago"; before Wiki's and online help pages with user comments were popular. I really like the concept of having an online manual where users can comment on all the help pages; and where I can change a help page at a moment's notice (fixing typos, grammatical errors, adding stuff users frequently have questions about). I'd also like a way for the editor to keep an off-line copy of it, and possibly check for updates (that's more of a long-term goal). Can anyone recommend a good, specific implementation or engine that would enable me to easily maintain an online manual, and also let users download an "offline" version of it that can be navigated on the local computer using a browser control (or at least let me open it to a specific page through an API)?

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