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Console Game [C++]

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First of all: I don't want to be rude or flame you but,

I think you have problems with abstracting. It's like you think the array and the snake and the snake-queue are some physical objects inside the computer. So as the food or other objects.
A program is just a bunch of instructions, it does whatever you want, everything is just data/whatever, they can represent whatever you want.

The queue can be implemented in several ways, just try to abstract from real life objects. if you know a coordinate, how would you "put" it into the field?
How about:
Array[x][y] = '*'; ? //if '*' is the body of your snake (Which only exists in your head).
Then what's the problem?

It's not personal, but I feel that most of the people are paralyzed when it comes to problem solving. I can see it in the forums too.
I use the word "paralyze", because that's an unexplainable irrational thing, because most of the people has everything they need to solve the problem. They are smart enough, they have the enough information and creativity, it's just there is some kind of mental barrier, I guess there's a psychological concept for that. It's like a demon you have to defeat, and the best way is to struggle, work, sweat and try for your own.
If it comes to API/syntax/architecture stuff, that's a different story of course.

Sorry, it's not personal, most of us have/had this demon.

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No problem Szecs, I don't take things that personally!!!
I proberbly do have to work on having a more abstract mind... (If that makes sense :p) The problem is not putting things into the array, it's putting the snake (Dequeue object) inside the array that has me confused.
Also, I don't think my problem solving is too bad. I do the problems and I'm not too bad at them. Thanks for all your help as well. You're getting rated as well :)

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Original post by soitsthateasy
@BCulis: I amn't using graphics at all for now but I'll check them out after this project. I'd like to have a good grasp of C++ before I start learning graphics.

I understand what you're aiming for, just wanted to address something in this reply. Most of what you're considering as "graphics", a separate topic to study, is handled in each language via different tools, or with different wrapped calls to the same core functionality. The majority of what you would be doing with a 2D API would be simple, straightforward C++: function calls, structures/classes, code organization, if/then/switch-statements/while/do-while...

Yes, there are specific concepts in graphics that you don't want to tackle yet (especially in 3D), but I'd argue that using a 2D library would only force more C++ practice on you :) The graphics-heavy stuff itself has already been worked out inside the methods of the API, you just call them.

But cheers for sticking to your goal n' good luck.

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