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Unity Making use of multiple Xbox live headsets on a single PC game.

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draknir    101
Hi, Firstly, my apologies if this is in the wrong section. I am developing a cooperative local-multiplayer game which will obstensibly be pitched to a publisher for Xbox 360 development. For now, the development will be on PC using Unity3D with the Xbox 360 controllers. I have the controllers working perfectly for game input, they were plug and play with Windows 7. What I would like to do is have each of the local players have an Xbox live headsets plugged in to their controller, and receive sound from the PC. Crucial to our game design is that each player must be able to receive a seperate audio stream (our game is cooperative, but involves elements of secrecy and competition). Can this be done? Any and all help is appreciated. Please bear in mind I am a student programmer and a lot of console hardware/driver stuff goes way over my head. cheers, Draknir

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frob    44962
Can it be done? Yes. Each headset is considered a separate audio controller, so they can be enumerated and controlled individually.

Can you do it? That is up to your own knowledge and skill. If you have the necessary skills to use a single headset, hooking up to additional headsets will be easy.

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draknir    101
I *think* I've figured out how it can be done.

The DirectX SDK has an XInput AudioController sample ( which worked perfectly with my single controller/headset. I still need to test it with multiple headsets, but I think it'll work.

I need to find a way to get the DX9 sample working in C#/.NET, no idea how I'm going to get that done, but I'm sure I'll find some people who can help me on the way.

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