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cel shader question

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I am trying to implement a cel shader into my project but I have problems while determining edges. I am using this technique I am rendering and depth into a texture and after that use a sobel filter in a post process to detect edges but my results are very messy (disregard the textures on terrain, I am working on only edge detection now) terrain is rather good but player model has very large areas that are detected as an edge. I think the problem is on player normals change pretty fast in a very small area and that causes edges. is there a better algorithm for cel shader? I searched a bit this result looks good (search for "linedraw") but it looks like same algorithm that wiki says. maybe problem is about rendering my normals? In my vertex shader I use OUT.Norm = mul( float4(IN.Normal,0.0) , World); OUT.Norm.w = saturate(distance(,; and in pixel shader return float4(0.5*(normalize(, IN.Norm.w) so what my be a problem, or is there a better algorithm?

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