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A question about fullscreen code in dxut.cpp.

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I'm studying dxut codes these days. And I see some codes that handles the fullscreen mode. But I can't understand some of the codes. if((wpFullscreen.flags & WPF_RESTORETOMAXIMIZED ) != 0 ) { // Restore the window to normal if the window was maximized then minimized. This causes the // WPF_RESTORETOMAXIMIZED flag to be set which will cause SW_RESTORE to restore the // window from minimized to maxmized which isn't what we want wpFullscreen.flags &= ~WPF_RESTORETOMAXIMIZED;//1 wpFullscreen.showCmd = SW_RESTORE;//2 SetWindowPlacement( DXUTGetHWNDDeviceFullScreen(), &wpFullscreen ); } This is the code that I couldn't understand. This code is in dxut sample code(dxut.cpp, dxutchangedevice function). I erased two lines which sets 'flags, showCmd'member to WPF_RESTOREMAXMIZED, SW_RESTORE to see what happens. But I don't see any differnce. Could some one please tell me what those codes are for?

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