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VB Add Buttons to AutoScroll Panel

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So i've got some experience with C++ and a bunch of the VS2008 auto-help for VB makes it easier for me to understand most of the functions but i can't get something as simple as the subject of the thread to work. So I have a form, a tab control on that form, and a panel on that tab control. The panel has auto scroll on it and works so that's fine. Ideally I want a button on another tab(lets say tab4) to create another button on said panel (say tab2) with appropriate spacing, the same size as other buttons already present, and the name of the tab that generated this new button as the text on the newly created button. (Tab4->Button.Click = Tab2->Panel1->Add.Button(Tab4, location, size)) I also don't know how to have a button on tab4 that focuses on tab2 which sets the back button on tab2 with a reference to go back to tab4 in order to remain dynamic.(Tab4->Button.Click = Tab2->BackButton.Click = Tab4.Focus) I'd also like to know if there's an easy way to create and destroy tabs with a specific layout. I.e. We have home tab, thread tab. (This is for the sake of argument!) On the thread tab, we have a new comment button which creates a third comment tab with appropriate textboxes, labels, and buttons in the right places which could also make use of the issues I posted above. So NewCommentButton->CreateCommentTab->CreateBoxesLabelsAndButtons Then, SubmitButton->XferCommentTabDataToThreadTab->DestroyCommentTab This is not homework, i've tried googling an understandable tutorial but none of them make it simple enough or explain it well enough to allow me to interpret the tutorial code into useful output. I've also tried messing with several VB commands and events, but something always ends up giving me a problem I can't correct. Sometimes VB will even provide a correction for me, which also results in a problem. For now i've only got the basics down - I can create/destroy tabs, buttons, labels, enable/disable stuff on events and other simpler things. I don't need anything complex, just something simple enough and modular enough that I can replace variables with my objects and get the general idea from whoever shares with me. Cheers.

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