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[C++] Building Cairo with makefiles, without CL?

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Decrius    100
I'm really new to makefiles, never used them before, and I have some difficulty getting 3rd party libraries compiled. At the moment I try to compile zlib, libpng, pixman and cairo. The first two were easy, they had a vcproj file (which CodeBlocks can open). However, the last two do not, only a makefile. The makefile is looking for cl.exe though, and as far as I understood this is Microsoft's C compiler? I am using TDM-GCC on Win32, I've also installed MSYS Base system + DTK. However, I'm still stuck. The makefile is thus looking for cl, but it's nowhere. I tried to put in mingw32-g++ instead, but (obviously) the command line options are wrong.
C:\Users\Taco\Desktop\pixman-0.17.6\pixman>make -f Makefile.win32 "CFG=release"

Setting MMX flag to default value 'on'... (use MMX=on or MMX=off)
Setting SSE2 flag to default value 'on'... (use SSE2=on or SSE2=off)
mingw32-g++.exe: unrecognized option '-w14710'
mingw32-g++.exe: unrecognized option '-w14714'
cc1plus.exe: error: to generate dependencies you must specify either -M or -MM
make: *** [release/pixman-image.obj] Error 1
How can I compile this with GCC? And why does cairo / pixman assume every windows developer uses MS's compiler? Thank for the help!

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ApochPiQ    23063
You should be able to just download and install Visual C++ Express and get the compiler that way.

Chances are even if you change the command line options to work with GCC, the code itself will make some Microsoft-specific assumptions; usually it's best to assume the original developers knew what they were doing when they imposed the requirement for cl [smile]

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bubu LV    1436
It should be possible to build it using MinGW with using usual makefiles that pixman uses to compile under GNU/Linux. Additionaly it could require to install Msys if makefiles uses some shell commands or additional utilities.

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