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Stunt Marble Racers - network marble racing

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Hello, my current project (already announced with it's old title "marbles2 - the race") has come quite a bit further. The main change within the last months is the network support for up to 4 players. This feature is designed for LAN playing with low ping times. It uses a "brute force" approach where position updates are sent for every simulation step. This works really well in my test network at home (where I only have 3 computers at most). Any comments are welcome. Resources used: - Irrlicht for graphics - OpenDE for physics - enet with a wrapper from the Irrlicht forums for networking - some code snippets from the Irrlicht forum The network feature is going to get some re-design. Currently you can only start single races, I want to make it net-gaming tournaments. If you are a client you have to enter the server's IP address in the edit field, not the computer name. I don't yet show the server's IP address on the server screen, so you have to find it out another way (e.g. in Windows "run --> cmd --> ipconfig") Some problems with occasional crashes are still in the network mode. When you start a server or client and you have to grant access to the net in your local firewall the game often crashes. Also if you restart a server it is currently not possible to connect to it, so the program should be restarted. Apart from that all test session I have done together with my brother were some real fun.

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