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RPGQuest fps based on Internet lag?

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I''ve noticed that if I run RPGQuest without the server running I can get really good frame rates, but if I run the server and the client, my fps is cut in half. And it seems the more Internet lag I get the lower the frames drop. I''ve tried taking out critical sections and everything else, but I can''t seem to get the frames that it runs at without the server. I would like to get RPGQuest to have frame rates that are completely unrelated to Internet quality. How do I accomplish this? -Schildawg

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Yes, just to test it out, since I don''t have 2 computers. I know that''s probably not a good thing, but...

I set the server to port 6001 and the client to 6000 (on purpose so they don''t connect.) Good framerate. Put them back to the same port. Frames cut in half.

I return out of the MessageHandler before doing any logic, comment out the code to update stuff. Make the server not send any messages. Still server and client connected is half what client alone is.

I even took out the RenderScene() call. Client alone is 180fps. Client and server together 67 fps.

With RenderScene() in its 100fps down to 50fps.

(Yes I did take the 30fps limit out.)

I''m pretty much at my wits end. Both running and no connection = good fps. Client alone = good fps. Client and Server connected = bad fps. Client and Server connected send NO messages = bad fps.

Is there a HEAVY overhead for having a client/server connection on one machine even with no traffic?

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You can''t run them on the same computer and get a good framerate. Half of the CPU goes to one and half goes to the other. That''s why the frame rate was cut in half.

You''ll need to invest in a second computer before you''ll be able to do much. Depending on what parts you have lying around you''ll only need 300 to 500 to build a mid range PC. You don''t need a second monitor if you just buy a monitor switch. They''re about $40 or less. www.aberdeeninc.com is the best place to get parts unless you have a Fry''s Electronics near by.

My game server currently runs on a PIII 933 which was picked up along with a motherboard for $189. A 1gig drive holds the OS and program and a 2gig drive is dedicated for virtual memory. Works nicely. You can get a 40gig drive for about $100 now. It currently has 512MB of ram ($70) but will be upped to 1.5GB shortly. A case can be had for about $50 or less if you need one. Floppy drive is about $15 and a crap video card is about $50 or less. If your server doesn''t do graphics besides standard windows stuff a Trio card ($15) will work fine.

For my own project it''s impossible to run the client and server on the same computer because they both are system hogs.


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