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Yet anouther dev C++ prob (sigh) HELP!

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seamonkey_1    122
I''m getting this linker problem, its a refernce prob I believe. This is code that I took directly from begining D3d game programming by Wolfgang Engel. Here''s the error: ---------------------------------------------------------------- c:\dev-c++\onemore3dtest.o(.text+0x2e):onemore3dtest.: undefined reference to `CD3DApplication::Create(HINSTANCE__ *)'' c:\dev-c++\onemore3dtest.o(.text+0x4b):onemore3dtest.: undefined reference to `CD3DApplication::Run(void)'' c:\dev-c++\onemore3dtest.o(.text+0x73):onemore3dtest.: undefined reference to `CD3DApplication::CD3DApplication(void)'' c:\dev-c++\onemore3dtest.o(.data$__vt_17CMyD3DApplication+0x8):onemore3dtest.: undefined reference to `CD3DApplication::AdjustWindowForChange(void)'' c:\dev-c++\onemore3dtest.o(.data$__vt_17CMyD3DApplication+0x30):onemore3dtest.: undefined reference to `CD3DApplication::Create(HINSTANCE__ *)'' c:\dev-c++\onemore3dtest.o(.data$__vt_17CMyD3DApplication+0x34):onemore3dtest.: undefined reference to `CD3DApplication::Run(void)'' c:\dev-c++\onemore3dtest.o(.data$__vt_17CMyD3DApplication+0x38):onemore3dtest.: undefined reference to `CD3DApplication::MsgProc(HWND__ *, unsigned int, unsigned int, long)'' c:\dev-c++\onemore3dtest.o(.data$__vt_17CMyD3DApplication+0x3c):onemore3dtest.: undefined reference to `CD3DApplication:ause(int)'' --------------------------------------------------------------- I''ve done -fvtable-thunks thang and I''ve included these libaries..... -ld3d8 -ld3dx8d -lddraw -ld3dxof -ld3dxof -ld3d8 -lwinmm -ldxguid -lkernel32 -luser32 -lgdi32 -lwinspool -lcomdlg32 -ladvapi32 -lshell32 ....hopefully ya can help me

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sflare    122
I think it's the code that's compiling
I see "CD3DApplication", which means you are using the common directX sdk sample code.
Did you actually include all the used files(not just the headers)
in the project?
You need to define each of those functions in the program.
Look at the sdk examples

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