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You could:

  1. Include the source of your game in a post. This is probably only a good idea for fairly small projects, and you should be sure to use source tags and clearly describe the project and any dependencies if doing so.

  2. Host your project on SourceForge, Google Code or a similar service, and link to it in a post.

  3. Host your project on a personal website, and link to it.

  4. Subscribe to GDNet+ and release your game in the included developer journal. You'd also get some web-hosting for the files, and access to the GDNet Showcase.

You haven't given much specific information, but it seems like #2 would probably be most suitable for your goals. I'd personally recommend posting such projects to Google Code then either announcing them in the Your Announcements forum or posting requesting feedback in one of our technical forums (For Beginners, Game Programming or General Programming), and perhaps throwing a link into your profile signature.

Hope that helps. [smile]

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hey thanks am looking at the sourceforge now, the project is 14 code files altogether, then another 36 image and resources, so i dont think posting is appropriate, unless can attach a zip?

anyway i just looked at the googlecode, it seems they only would really want major projects that need loads of developer contribution, i am talking about just posting a finished work which can be expanded on with some features i never got around to adding as i am changing jobs and might not be doing much programming for a while

[Edited by - rogster001 on February 17, 2010 8:34:05 AM]

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