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[web] Game Created by Users

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Hello everyone. New here but have been programming for 10+ years and I had an idea I put together in about 8 hours last night. It is still in development and needs lots of work but sense the game is being designed with the players in mind and sense the game allow the players to create the game itself; I think it would be good to have input from the others. The game is at; Build and Destroy. The idea is everything in the game is created by the players and the only thing I specify is attributes which the items have to be built off. So far the game is very simple and only has 3 attributes: Produce, Attack, and Defense. Depending on these numbers is how long it takes to make the item. My plan is to add in attacking real soon so at least people can play and have some fun. I do have other ideas to roll out but do not want to talk about too many of them before the basic build items and destroy items part is done and working. Then I can get an idea from the players what else would make it fun. Currently, the design is super simple but plan to make it prettier at a later point. Game play to me is more important at first. So, check it out and give some feedback.

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