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Blitzmax game development framework

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Hi all, Do you use, or would like to use BlitzMax as your development platform? It's a cross-platform, compiled Basic language with some great OOP features. It works with C/C++, Lua, OpenGL, DirectX and has a multitude of 'mods' along the lines of wxWidgets, irrlicht, Newton Physics, Ogre and FMod. The level of development is really something. I've developed a game framework for blitzmax that's available here. There's a personal game project-in-progress, samples, documentation, support forums and the beginnings of some tutorials. As if working in Blitzmax wasn't simple enough already this now simplifies game development even further by adding support for things like; automatic application flow, handling resources, automatic loading progress, instanced sprites, localisation, and funky GUI stuff (and probably lots more that I forgot to mention). More links: The full list of features The blitzmax html help docs As well as my own game project (which was the proving ground for the framework) I've developed one game under contract using it and I'm currently working on the second. It's free for non commercial use (and it goes some way to helping beginners make more professional looking games) but there's a fee of 50 euros for the commercial license that comes with full source code. I'm a professional work-from-home contractor and have no concerns about providing timely and responsive support to commercial game developers which more than justifies the license fee. You're not just licensing the code, you're licensing a little piece of me too :) Cheers Matt Edit - links and stuff.. [Edited by - cadMatt on February 18, 2010 8:33:43 AM]

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