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Concave-polygon based shapes. What do i need to draw them?

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Good day, i am developing a program where i need to create a concave polygon from some given points, then "extrude" it to create a 3D mesh object which has this polygon as its "bases". My polygons will not have holes inside them, so probably they will be rather simple ones (despite being concave). In this article a method called ear-clipping is discussed. My questions: a) Is this ear-clipping the method to achieve what i need? b) Is there any sample code demonstrating this technique? c) In the link above there is an implementation but its kinda old and also uses some header files i couldn't find on the net (#include "SVec3DF.h") or come from older DirectX SDK's (#include "MTypes.h"). Any ideas where i can locate these? Thanx in advance for any guidance on the above matters, stakon.

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