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onboard gfx card / cheap effects suggestions?

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Let me specify that by "cheap" I mean in terms of the technology/CPU bandwidth required. The only acceptable price for the effects themselves is my own tears. :) I'm writing a networked game that works well, but for multiplayer testing I only have access to a school computer lab with pretty low-level gfx cards. I was able to get some nice-looking directional lighting working on my meshes, which is pretty exciting, but point lighting (for example) came out basically garbage. Can anyone give me info / ideas about software-only effects that aren't too expensive in terms of processing power required? Right now, I'm thinking a bit of blur / motion trail and maybe even simple glow on a limited number of objects. It's a space-based game, which means a very limited number of objects (like no more than 10 low-poly objects at once), so I think even with a cheap comp, I should have a bit of CPU power to spare. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, even vague ones.:) [Edited by - bennyboy2 on February 19, 2010 7:15:45 PM]

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