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How do I get the contact point for a 1D ray/slab test?

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If I have a 2D ray slab test I can normally get the contact point by using the following equation: contact.point = ray_Origin + tb_Enter * ray_Direction; However when a ray is 1D then I no longer have a second dimension for the point:
        private static bool RaySlabIntersect(float slab_Min, float slab_Max, float ray_Origin, float ray_End, float tb_Enter, float tb_Exit,
            ref Contact2D contact)
            float ray_Direction = ray_End - ray_Origin;

            // If ray is parallel to the slab
            if (Math.Abs(ray_Direction) < float.Epsilon)
                // Ray is parallel to slab, but NOT inside the slab
                if (ray_Origin < slab_Min || ray_Origin > slab_Max)
                    return false;
                // Compute intersection t value of ray with near and far plane of slab
                float ood = 1.0f / ray_Direction;
                float ts_Enter = (slab_Min - ray_Origin) * ood;
                float ts_Exit = (slab_Max - ray_Origin) * ood;

                // Make "ts_Enter" be intersection with near plane, "ts_Exit" with far plane
                if (ts_Enter > ts_Exit)
                    Math_Ext.Swap(ref ts_Enter, ref ts_Exit);

                // Compute the intersection of slab intersection intervals
                tb_Enter = Math.Max(tb_Enter, ts_Enter);
                tb_Exit = Math.Min(tb_Exit, ts_Exit);

                // Exit with no collision as soon as slab intersection becomes empty
                if (tb_Enter > tb_Exit)
                    return false;

            // How do I assign contact location?
            //contact.point = ray_Origin + tb_Enter * ray_Direction;

            return true;

How do I obtain the contact location in 2D for the above test? Do I use the current axis being tested in some way? Thanks.

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