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Game Idea 1: Animal kingdom Genre:RPG Age group Targeted: 6-10 year olds Idea: The game is set on another world where you the main character is a Cheata who is curious of your past as you explore you find out some astonising secrets. The Graphics will be simalar to the Game Fear Effect but a little more basic and using brighter colour to appeal the the child. The Gameplay will be full of reasonably easy puzzle and the game should not take that long to complete. Plot/Story lineTBAdded) Game Idea 2: Dark Secret Genre: RPG Age Group Targeted: 10-20 year olds Idea: Set: On Earth in 50-100 years from now, In the past monsters landed on to our plantet many years ago after a Meator hit earth causing a large underground Cave to from. Above Ground A King to most of the world has finally brought about peace to world and all is clean and good, he also has created technology beyond compare. One month later the Monster arise to form an alliance with the king but trick him and throw him where they have been locked into for a 1000 years Bring Choas back and all technology has be banned and if anyone speaks of the old King the penalty is death. Graphics:I''m hoping for Final Fantasy 10 graphics but for now Zelda like graphic will be fine. Gameplay:Many hours of puzzles and tasks to complete never repeative and many secrects to discover StoryLine/PlotTBAdded) Game Re-make 1: Final Fantasy VII Genre:RPG Age Group Targeted (AGT): 10-30+ year olds Idea: Many people complained about how the game was incomplete. So I have decided to add part to the script I own on my PC and send it to Squaresoft. I have lots of Ideas for the game and will tell you some of them soon Please tell me what you think I am sorry for all the Grammar and spelling errors but this is my First attempt to actually put my Ideas that I have had for a while into words. No-one perfect and I''''m No-one.

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You have some interesting ideas, but you must flesh them out more. Both of your original games could be either great games or duds. But what ideas do you have for FFVII? spill the beans.

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Thanx for your comment.
I do have many ideas for my games (But I do want a new name for animal kingdom) and only recently I have brought about these games onto paper while before they was only stewing in my brain.

As you can tell my main intrest is RPG''s and when I have the required skills I want to go on to work for squaresoft but at the moment my only skills are my ideas and basic html coding some C coding as well.

I will soon make a full script for both my games with full detail but for now I only have the time to do short bits.

As for FF7 that will take a while to complete the script.
My Ideas are:
You can explore destroyed sector 7(Biggs Wedge and Jessie may be found...)
Aeris will be revivable via the orginal rumors about underwater mater to get white materia etc.
Only this will be dragged out to the point of the death of sephoroth.
Jenova Will make another apearence in a new for True Jenova(or Re Birth) where you will see all of the jenova cells reform in to one place even the one in cloud will leave his body leaving him only with ancient blood.
A sephoroth clone can be found and a mysterious Cyborg can be found that cannot remember his past.
Midgar is more accesable.
Enemies level goes up with your average level.
Some characters will gain new limits and specail abilites.
More weapons
More Side quests Bosses enemies dialog(less spelling errors too)
That is all I will indulge for now but look out as I will soon be writting alot more.
Feel free to give Ideas for all 3 of mine.

No-one perfect and I''''m No-one.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
For your first game, are you going to have a heavy tone or a lighter tone to it? what would the secrets be, would it be on a local or a global scale? What''s the wheather like? again all of your games can be good, but add some meat to those bones.

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The guys at Squaresoft, much like many other game developers can''t use your ideas; I''ll bet they have a massive pile of people''s game ideas but can''t use them

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Game Re-make 1: Final Fantasy VII
Age Group Targeted (AGT): 10-30+ year olds

10-30+ year olds !!!??? It would be tough making a game fun for both 10 year olds and 30+ year olds....

A basic game like tetris or something like that could probably qualify....

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Granat you'll be surpised at the age range of people that played FF7
In fact this is mainly true for most RPG's that is what make them so popular.
I seen once a 60 y/o playing Quake 3 when 10 year olds play it to.

My 1st game will have a lightish tone as it is for younger kids as an introduction to RPG's.
I know my detail is only basic but as i said before I have very little time due to my GSCE course's and I am working on the details at the moment also I am learning coding at home.So I am very busy. Also this was my first attempt of writing so don't be so harsh I'm new to this I have only just began.

I know it is very unlikely for Square to accept my Ideas in fact the chance are .00000001 to 999999999999999(recurring)but it is only something for a bit of fun to get used to scripts.

Edited by - Unpure_Heart on August 3, 2001 4:41:08 AM

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I sorry I didn''t particalaly mean you but I realize now that it was only critacisism.
I have taken it now into account and have layed off FF7 for a while while I concentrate on learn C,C++,Visual basic, html etc.. and concentrate on writing my games.
At the moment I have filled in small parts of the game Animal Kingdom(I need a better name.)and will soon start on the story it self and the script.
Game Idea 1:
Animal Kingdom (Need a better name…Urm? Safari)
Genre: Role-playing game (RPG)
Number of players: 1
Number of playable characters: 1 main character and on the occasion you will control other characters I would say there would be about 5 others that you control for a short time.
Age range: 7+ year olds
Weapons: Maybe the occasional knife for you to use otherwise you either use a skill that the animal has or a simple kick/punch.
Enemies: Very little to attack just the odd guard, animal gone wrong who is evil and the final boss which is human.
Option screens: Very simple cute interface no complicated equip screens.
Difficulty settings: Easy, Normal or Hard nothing else.
Cheats: Use buttons to type short codes in to option menu to access Infinite heath, all item, unlock all doors and play as hidden character. All of these can be accessed by finishing the game in different modes of play.
Secrets: Maybe a hidden character and a special weapon for the end boss.
Preferred console to appear on: PS2 or Game Cube. Maybe as a GBA game.
Preferred Graphics: 3D but a fear effect style 3D (Cartoony, Slightly manga only with brighter colors) If it must appear on the GBA or a hand held console use cartoon 2D graphics only with a slightly angle view from above.
Tone of game: At the beginning it will have a very light tone with some humor in it. But closer to the end the tone will get darker but finish with a happy ending tone. A second not so happy ending could be added if you fail in the game somewhere or a better ending if you finish the game perfectly.
Setting: It is set far away from earth even in a alternate dimension or just another galaxy depends.
Plot: You are playing as a Cheatah who has lost memory of all his past and suspects something suspicios as most of his memories now seem false

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"You are playing as a Cheetah who has lost memory of all his past and suspects something suspicious ....."

This might be a bit complex for 6 - 10 year olds. Why not have a prologue where the Cheetah is bounding over the plains, hits a rock cos he''s looking at something else and loses his memory. He has to find his way back to mum by solving various problems.

I think for this sort of game you have to keep it fairly simple.

If you are using an earth animal, why set the scene on another planet?

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