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Multi-dimensional arrays?

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Hi, I recently discovered AngelScript, and I'm working on integrating it into a C++ game framework. I was wondering with Angelscript supports multi-dimensional arrays? I couldn't see them mentioned in the docs. Thanks,

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use a one dimensional array of length N*M and handle it as if it is it two dimesional.

index(a,b){ return array[a*M+b]}

not the answer to your question though.. sorry

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AngelScript has built-in support for multidimensional arrays, or rather, arrays of arrays. These are declared as follows:

// Declare a 3x3 matrix pre-initialized
int[][] multiarray = {{1,2,3},{1,2,3},{1,2,3}};

// Declare an empty array
int[][] multi2;

// Resize it to desired dimension

You can also register your template object type to function exactly the way you want. You can take a look at the add_on/scriptarray/scriptarray.cpp for an example on how that can be done. It registers a single dimensional array template, but you can easily expand it to multidimensional if you want.


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