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VC++ 2008 adding resources ( icon file )

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I want to add icon to my Win32 application. When I click on --add resource --icon --new everything is fine. Visual Studio creates two icons (32x32 , 16x16 ). I can edit them and Visual Studio saves them in my project folder. In "resource.h" file, Visual Studio writes something like IDI_ICON1 101. But when I click on --add resource --icon --IMPORT .ico file, things go wrong. First it dosn't copy .ico file to my project folder but leaves it on a desktop ( that is location from where I'm importing my icon file ). Second, in "resource.h" it writes something like IDB_BITMAP1 101 so icon doesn't display because Visual Studio thinks that I imported Bmp file although I imported .ico file. How to import .ico file or any other file that Visual Studio can convert to ico file so things can be same like in first case ( when I choose NEW option istead of IMPORT)? Pls give me step by step instructions.

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