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driving turn

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Hello! I've made a car in *.obj files and got them loaded. Car is going straight forward and backwards by
 void SpecialKeyboardFunc (int key, int x, int y) {
	          radrot = (radrot + 15) % 360;
	          carx= carx+5;
    //& handing over the params "radrot" and "carx" to glTranslate and glRotate
Now I have the probleme with driving a nice turn? :( I already created some steering-angle:
          lenkung PLUS= 1;    
           if (lenkung > 35) lenkung =34;

I'd like to setup the steer angle before driving the turn. -> Setup angle -> [Press UP for forward] -> now drive a nice turn. I thank you in advance for every help! ---Tommy

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