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glCompressedTexImage3D strange behavior

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Hi everyone, I have a problem using a compressed DDS 3D image. Here is the code I use :
// Create the texture
glGenTextures( 1, &axID ) ;
glBindTexture( GL_TEXTURE_3D, axID );
// Linear Filtering
// Limit texture coordinates to [0;1]

// Load the image
int vW = axWidth = pData->mWidth ;
int vH = axHeight = pData->mHeight ;
glCompressedTexImage3D(	GL_TEXTURE_3D,
				pData->mpPixels ) ;

GLenum vError = glGetError() ;
if( vError )
	string vErr = (char*)gluErrorString( vError ) ;
	delete pData ;
	return false ;

What I get when I display the image into a plane is a strange image, which is actually the good one but that is reduced by 4... I can see 16 small pictures instead of 1 big. Could it be a mipmap problem, since in the header of the DDS file the mipmap level is set to 0 ? EDIT : This should be a mipmap problem since the flag DDSD_MIPMAPCOUNT is not set in the DDSURFACEDESC2 header of the DDS file... so I guess I have 4 mipmaps, but how do I calculate the size taken by each ???

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