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[G3D] Blender

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Hello all i'm newbie of g3d. I've loaded in my viewer an avatar and i've apply a texture. Now i want apply a blander (i.e. 0.5) but i haven't found a good example or a bit of documentation. Sameone can help me? This's my sample code: Avatar *avatar = Avatar::getAvatar(); avatar->init(0.8, 3.4,50); avatar->load(dataDir +"3ds/pknight/tris.md2", dataDir + "3ds/pknight/knight.pcx", 1); -------------------------------- void Avatar::load(std::string fileAvatar, std::string fileTexture, float scale) { model = MD2Model::fromFile(fileAvatar, scale); texture = Texture::fromFile(fileTexture, TextureFormat::AUTO(), Texture::DIM_2D, Texture::Settings::defaults(), Texture::PreProcess::quake()); } ------------------------------- Thanks a lot

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