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Original post by Tom KQT
Just out of curiosity - are there any people here using the immediate mode GUI approach?
I guess I do, but with many generalized functions.
The GUI, I'm currently working on is immediate based too (I'm not sure at all), but it has all the data associated to the GUI's (so a lot of redundant information, but much easier to implement the "ok/cancel/apply" features), every widgets and windows has their own click-check/action/click-release-button/drag/whatever functions (function pointers), but most of these point to generalized functions (window invoking/radio-button functions/whatever), but they can be custom functions too. But the basic approach is immediate mode I think (I'm not sure about it, because I haven't read any tutorials/articles on GUIs, just started from starch for my own, but works pretty good, check out the earlier version of it in my signature, this only has generalized functions, no customs)

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