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Using Havok's heightFieldShape with Ogre3D?

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Wasn't sure if this should go in Math & Physics or Alternate Libraries, so I hope no one yells at me. I started implementing Havok physics into my Ogre game today, and I am using the new terrain system from 1.7 which saves the terrain data in a .dat file. After looking through all of the related demos that come with Havok, I think I understand how they do the collision mesh for terrain, but I am unsure of how exactly to implement it with Ogre. Here is link to snippet I found (easier to read as a link) From what I can tell, it should be pretty straight forward to implement. It looks like the demo's "MySampledHeightFieldShape" class has HK_FORCE_INLINE hkReal getHeightAtImpl( int x, int z ) const which I assume I would replace with Ogre's GetHeightAt() function. Sorry for the newbie questions, not really any good tutorials/snippets/documentation on Havok/Ogre, and im kind of blindly jumping into this as I have always used wrappers for Physics.

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