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Maya - Exploded Model (Exporting Problem?)

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Recently had a character model built for me by an artist friend and attempted to load it in to an XNA application. Unfortunately while it looks good in maya, the model has been 'reconfigured' upon rendering in XNA. Parts are the wrong size or in the wrong place, and some of it seems not to have been drawn at all. The model is in .fbx format. I'm using BasicEffect, just to get started and see it running, and I've used it previously to load in models I've got off of sites, and it's worked fine. That's why I'm convinced it's an exporting problem. My artist has experience with XNA and has loaded models in previously, but the only change that I've made is using a new model. It seems unlikely to be some abstract coding problem, so I ask: Are there any fool proof settings for exporting models from Maya to XNA? Or are there any newb mistakes that could result in an effect like this? I'll post screens if I can.

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