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free functions don't work in a class

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How come this doesn't work?
#pragma once

#include "vec2d.h"

struct PortalTransform
    Vec2d origin_offset;
    Vec2d dest_offset;
    Vec2d origin_normal;
    Vec2d dest_normal;

    double Angle() const {return Angle(dest_normal) - Angle(origin_normal);}

#pragma once
#include <cmath>
//Other contents of header removed for brevity

inline double Angle(const Vec2d& arg)
    return atan2(arg.y, arg.x);

I assumed that PortalTransform::Angle() const would call the free function Angle(const Vec2d& arg), but apparently it throws a compiler error instead. Why?

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It's resolving the name "Angle" as "PortalTransform::Angle" and can't find an overload that takes one argument. It gives up before it goes out of the class scope. You have to tell it manually to look outside the class.

Put :: in front of the calls to the free-function.


double Angle() const {return ::Angle(dest_normal) - ::Angle(origin_normal);}

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