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gradual acceleration and deacceleration

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Hello everyone i am currently working on a 2d project... my object falls from a particular height then the speed gradually accelerates then on key press the parachute opens and the object starts to de-accelerate upto a point and then keep falling again with a continuos speed... i have been able to achieve the acceleration and deacceleration with my function which returns me the distance int CalculateSpeed (float speed, float time ) { time += 0.1; dist = dist + (speed * time); return dist; } the problem i am facing is that after deaccelerating to a point i am not able to get the object falling with a continous speed.... please can anyone suggest some solution or a better/different way of doing it... any advice would be of great help... Thanks Anup Gupta

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Perhaps you can set the speed something like:

if( parachute_open && speed <= parachute_open_speed && not_on_ground )
speed = parachute_open_speed

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Here's something somewhere in-between real C/C++ code and pseudocode:

struct particleState
vector2d pos;
vector2d vel;


particleState nextState(particleState x, bool parachuteOpen, double dt)
// Given the current state x, the timestep dt, and whether the parachute
// is open, returns the next state.
particleState x2; // This will store our return value

double a;
a = mu*square(x.vel) - g; // g,mu constants
a = -g;

// Take a symplectic Euler step
x2.vel = x.vel + Vector2d(0, a*dt);
x2.pos = x.pos + x2.vel*dt;

return x2;

To find terminal velocity with parachute open, solve

a = mu*square(x.vel) - g = 0

for x.vel. You get that the terminal velocity will be sqrt(g/mu). So pick mu accordingly.

[Edited by - Emergent on February 25, 2010 12:43:14 PM]

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hello Emergent

I just want to say thank you a million times...

I just got the parachute acceleration , deacceleration and continuous falling after deacceleration in perfect sync..just as i wanted...

thanks for your pseudocode it worked like a charm...


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