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extern array seg fault

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This code compiles with no errors or warnings but when I run my one-line program I get a seg fault: Record.h

struct SubrecordType{
	unsigned int name;
	char desc[24];

extern const int numsubrectypes;
extern const SubrecordType * const subrecordtypes;



#include "Record.h"

const int numsubrectypes = 2;

extern const SubrecordType subrecordtypes[numsubrectypes] = {
	{ 0                        ,   "Unknown Subrecord" },
	{ *((unsigned int *)"NAME"),   "Object ID"         }

#include <stdio.h>
#include "Record.h"

int main()
    printf("%i", subrecordtypes[0].name);
    return 0;

However! Changing extern const SubrecordType * const subrecordtypes; to extern const SubrecordType subrecordtypes[]; seems to have fixed my problem and all is well. I don't understand this. I grew up thinking [] was just a preallocated *const, and basically synonymous. I wracked my brain for hours today breaking my program into pieces trying to find this problem. I'm looking for some insight. HOW are these different? And if they are fundamentally different types then why didn't my compiler (GCC on Windows) even warn me about it? [Edited by - likeafox on February 25, 2010 11:36:02 AM]

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int [] x; means that x is an array of integers.
int * y; means that y is a pointer to an array of integers.

The compiler will automatically convert when you use an array where you need a pointer. This means y=x is a valid statement, even though the types differ.

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