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Punk Designer

Under Water Fighting

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I am currently working on a small side project which involves the use of under water tribes in a "Civilisation" type manner and was wondering if anybody had any ideas about what units I should bring to the fray. You the player control a shrimp civilisation as they being to build huts and villages. There will be countless giant crabs and razor toothed sharks to fight off not to mention other tribes of shrimp. The player has hard clay, wood, rock and weed (to make rope) as resources. I want to avoid the use of metal until I can establish in which stage I want to STOP the evolution of the people. I think I don't want to go to far in terms of development. I would like to stop some where near (in our terms) ancient times. The following units I have already thought about. -Warrior (simple shrimp with weed wrapped around him and a spear) -Hunter Fish (Fish that has been trained to aid warriors) -Battered Shrimp (not the real name, but a shrimp covered in clay and small -stones to make it more tough, can't swim to fast as you would imagine) -Medical Shrimp (heals unit by way of herbs) Mounted Warrior (not real name but a warrior on a tamed fish with a long pole spear) and eventually I want the player to research the harpoon-ist which is basically a slow reloading gun which fires wooden spears. Other bits of research that might aid your thought processes might include. - Jelly collecting (requires domestication, at night time jellies glow in the dark around your village) - War Drugs (after medicine, improves shrimps fighting ability) - Religion (followed by divine worship) They worship sky rocks that fall from the sky (and bring life) - Law (I would like something, like police or maybe some sort of support unit?) Civilisation had this good way of creating special units when you created special buildings (wonders) I would like the kind of same thing or maybe when you found a special resource. There is probably a big bit of under water combat that I'm missing here. Perhaps I would even go as far as to create "submarines" as in underwater huts (they have them anyway) that are propelled along and has a harpoon gun, too far? Your aid in this time is welcomed. There is also a fake screen shot on my blog;

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