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Wrong Adapter count???

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hi, I''ve coded an class to enumerate all available Graphic display modes, at first i get the adapter count per IDirect3D8::GetAdapterCount(), this works fine on my pc, i''ve an Geforce2MX, but a friend of mine, he test my enum class and he gets two adapters from the IDirect3D8::GetAdapterCount() call back, but he has the same graphic car as me, but no more graphic cards. How is this possible? W''ve checkt his nvidia driver but he has the newest one. Whats going on here, Direct3d bug??? i hope someone here has an solution. Thx for your spare time :D Imp bugs are uncommented features...

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Guest Anonymous Poster
pDirect3D->GetAdapterIdentifier(AdapterOrdinal, 0, &Identifier)

will tell u what the adapter is called.

then u can see what both adapters are called.
he might have a built in gfx card on his mother board
or something like that.

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No he dosn''t haven an gfx card on motherboard, and we have do this test that you explain Anonymous, btw nice name *g*
well, for the default adapter 0 he give use the correct gfx card description and the other informations in D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER8,
but when i choose the second that he found, why ever, he fill the D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER8 struct with cryptic shit, that means to me, he had NO second card. Whats wrong here, as info, the computer is completly reinstalls, with the newest drivers and so, i think that can''t be the fault.

pls help

thx Imp

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