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std::iostream output decisions

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How do the standard output classes from the STL decide what to output given a statement like: std::cout << 65; ? 65 is ASCII for capital A, but it's also an integer. What will be printed, and how does it choose? Also, how does it handle floating-point numbers (i.e., how does it decide when to use scientific notation and when to just display 100.6)? A reference of some kind would be more useful than a straight answer, but either would help.

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Through function overloading, the compiler selects the correct function depending on the argument's type. Take a look at the overloaded insertion operators for ostream; there are overloads for each basic data type. In addition to those, there are flags that specify how to format that are set with stream manipulators.

cout.setf( ios::hex ); // <-- may not be correct
cout.precision( 5 );
cout << 12.4 << ' ' // Writes a double
<< 12.4f << endl; // Writes a float

// is the same as:
cout << hex << setprecision(5)
<< 12.4 << ' ' // Writes a double
<< 12.4f << endl; // Writes a float

// is the same as:
printf( "%.5f %.5f\n", 12.4f, 12.4 ); // Writes two doubles -- the float is converted to double

By default, all numbers are integers, unless you specify other-wise:

cout << 45 << ' ' // Writes an integer
<< (short)45 << ' ' // Writes an integer
<< (char)45 << ' ' // Writes 'A'
<< static_cast<char>(45) << ' ' // Writes 'A'
<< endl;

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