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What to learn?

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Hi, i'm new on this forum :) . I need help. I'm from Poland, so I can say something wrong. I want to know, what must i know from Maths, Fizic and C++(OGL). But "Step after Step" :D . Matrices? Vectors? But what exactly? Maybe tutorials? OGL, shaders? glVertex? VBO? If shaders, what exactly? In shaders, what's from maths? For example: Bump Mapping? What must I know about Maths. Please, answer step afetr step, because I'm young and i can don't understand something :P. Thanks.

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I don't quite understand your question. Are you asking what is useful to know in order to begin game development? If that is the case, that is a big question.
I would suggest having a look at the gamedev "for beginners" section

I am not sure about your skill level. But if you are interested in programming games, I would suggest that you learn some basic programming skills ideally C/C++, although that can be challenging to start out with. "Proccessing" seems like a good way to start because it has a friendly language, and has alot of nice functionality ( graphics, event handelling, etc... ) built-in. Programming is an essential skill unless you want to develop games using game builder.

As far as OpenGL, math and physics are concerned, I would learn them as you need to use them in the games you make.

Also a formal education never hurt anyone, in my opinion, so check out some of the schools which can teach you.

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Maybe different. I'm learning C++ for a year :) and I know about it a few. I want to programming games and I started learning OpenGL 3 months ago. When I saw for example shaders, I knew, I must know more and then learning about shaders. I want to know, What must I know to be good games programmer If I know C++. What from Maths? What from Fizic? What from OpenGL? I know about:
-primary things(glVertex(), glColor(), glClear()...)
-display lists
-simple lighting
-models(.MD2, .ase)
-very easy shaders(GLSL and Cg)
Maybe more.. :) And what more must i know? Next,
for example shaders: I can't write hard shaders, because i don't know how use maths in my shaders :/ . What must I know about Maths to write hard per-pixel lighting shader for example?
@up - I don't know, how can I buy book from another country :P .

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I'd say learn things by doing it. Forget about shaders and VBO's for now. Think about a simple game to start with. 3D pacman/tetris/bomberman for example. Or make a 3D outdoor terrain where you can walk on. You'll learn the pure basics first:
- setting up a screen to render to, resizing forms, clearing the background
- making a camera to view and navigate through your scene
- draw primitive objects (cube, sphere, cylinder)
- load a bitmap and render it on a flat quad(as a background image for example)
- use texture coordinates and apply the image on cubes, spheres or other objects
- draw lines, polygons or a 3D mesh from file onto your screen

At the time you're doing meshes that you create in 3D modelling packages (Max, Maya, LightWave, Milkshape, Blender, ...) you'll be quite a lot further already. Then you'll learn about vertex data, texture coordinates, normals, and so on.

Once you get that working, try load a model (pac-man, tetrist blocks, bomberman guy) and move it around the world. Now you'll deal with transformations, rotations, scaling and matrices.

If you have a good idea how all that stuff works, you can proceed with the advanced stuff such as shaders or optimizing with VBO's or culling. Don't worry, everthing will pass by. Just pick the right (simple) projects and learn step by step, otherwise you might get frustrated.

Maybe there are better books, but this was my start:

If you lived in south Poland I could drop it off maybe ;) The book is Delphi code, although OpenGL works in exact the same way as for C++. Don't expect to create complete games after reading such a book though. Accept that it takes a long time to master this stuff. And as usual, you'll always start with the boring stuff. Therefore, try to pick simple but fun games to motivate.

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Ok, thanks a lot :D . So I must create simple programs and small games yes? And Terrain: I did a lot of programs with terrains ;D, because I want to do rpg game first :D . I know, this is too hard now, but later... :D . I did a terrain from heightmap on VBO and vertex indices + texturing, lighting and camera walking on it :D . Ok, so I'm going learn and after that do small program :), hmm maybe today learn about matrices :D . Thanks a lot :D.

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