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Creating animation spritesheet from ...?

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Background: I am writing a 2d sport simulation for ultimate frisbee (you don't have to know what that is to answer this question!) with strong emphasis on ai and realism. It might potentially be a game but the goal is to make it realistic not fun so I don't consider it a game. Issue: I want to keep the game as graphically simple as possible but I need some graphical feedback from the on screen players. I decided to do that using simple animated sprites. I have no experience drawing animations and don't want to waste the small amount of time I have to devote to this project on learning to draw. I have written the animation handling so that it loads sprite sheets and has one row for each of the 8 compass directions that I am going to animate. This is tested with some simply stick figure animations I found on deviantart. Question: Since I'm not going to draw these animations by hand and I need 8 directions for each of 4 core animations (and a variety of less important ones) I have come up with the following potential solutions and I would like feedback on what might be feasible/what else I should consider. 1) Hire someone else to draw them 2) Find other games which have similar animations and adapt them 3) Video myself and use software to convert the resulting video into a spritesheet (there is something that will do this which I've tested). Then edit the frames and cut it down to the necessary ones. 4) Bite the bullet and learn to draw pixel art. Secondary question: Are there any tools that will help me out with any of the above options?

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