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Help with timing movement

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Hello, I have read countless of tutorials and threads about this subject but I don't seem to be able to get it to work. Need some help to localize the problem. I have a working game loop and I have a working fps counter which tells me the current FPS. I have no frame limit but what I want to get working is my movement of sprite/objects according to the time. Float variables initialized in my game constructor
myFrameCount = 0;
myLastUpdateTime = 0;
myTicksPerSecond = 1000;

Before my game loop I initialize my start time, SDL_GetTicks() will return me the ms since SDL was initialized
myStartTime = ( GLfloat ) SDL_GetTicks();

I choose to start doing FPS calculation at the beginning of the loop, since when I return, a frame has successfuly been swapped in to the front buffer.
GLvoid GameDirector::calculateFPS() {
	//Increase frame count

	//Get current time
	myCurrentTime = ( ( GLfloat ) SDL_GetTicks() - myStartTime ) / myTicksPerSecond;

	//Update FPS every half second
	if( myCurrentTime - myLastUpdateTime > 0.5f ) {

		//Calculate FPS
		myFPS = ( GLint ) ( myFrameCount / ( myCurrentTime - myLastUpdateTime ) );

		myLastUpdateTime = myCurrentTime;
		myFrameCount = 0;

So lets talk about the player. While the player keeps pressing a key, the velocity (until the max limit is reached) will increase in the direction the player wants to go.
if( myKeyDown )
	player.accelerate( DIRECTION_DOWN );

The player will then move to the new position based on velocity, if the velocity is 0 the player will obviously not gain a new position.
player.move( ** insert correct float delta time here ** );

//Handle collision //Handle game logic //Clear screen //Draw //SwapBuffer //Restart game loop (going back to calculateFPS()) This is what my move method looks like ->
GLvoid GameCharacter::move( GLfloat deltaTime ) {
	myPositionX += ( myCurrentVelocityX * deltaTime );
	myPositionY += ( myCurrentVelocityY * deltaTime );

So first of all, before even talking about the delta time, does my calculation of the FPS look correct? I am getting perhaps 570fps without any limits. Setting a delay of 10 ms gives me 70fps which should prove it is actually working, right? So my question is, how do I get the delta time? I have tried some different ways but perhaps I am expecting results that I can't get. Setting a movement with time should move the sprite/object in same speed no matter what the fps is, right? I have access to all the time variables. Sorry for any spelling errors etc, going to sleep now. GN

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Original post by energydrink
So my question is, how do I get the delta time?

Usually something like this:

unsigned previousTick = 0;
unsigned currentTick = previousTick;

while ( gameLoop ) {
previousTick = currentTick;
currentTick = SDL_GetTicks();
unsigned elapsedTicks = currentTick - previousTick;
float elapsedTime = (float)elapsedTicks / ticksPerSecond;

// Logic
// Rendering

Also, suggested reading.

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In the above example, before the loop where currentTick is initialize, I would recommend initializing it to like so:

unsigned currentTick = SDL_GetTicks();

Without this, then during the first elapsed time could be very large and potentially cause issues, though it is also possible it slips by unnoticed.

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