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Using online project management sites to host programming contests

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capn_midnight    1707
Some of you will remember my old "Three Hour Game Design Contest", where competitors had a 3 hour time window to make a simple game based on a theme. We've also had the old "ASCII Fishtank" and "One-Button Game" contests, which were also a lot of fun. It seems that these sort of mini-contests have fallen out of favor in the last few years. I know for myself that the main issue was tedious nature of organizing the contests, getting submissions into one place so that judges can retrieve them, aggregating the judging data, and presenting the results. I'm wondering if a project collaboration site would help with organizing these contests. Basically, setup a project on CodePlex or some other such place, make the contestants and judges all contributors to the project, with different subfolders in the project for different years for the contest. Then, the head judge could make a "release" for the final contest applications, and the judges could download them and run them. Any thoughts?

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