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[help]Direct2D Performance Problem

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I have coded a simple application to compare the efficiency of Direct2D with GDI . but i was frustrated by the result: the rendering speed of Direct2D is about 10 times slower than GDI on my laptop which equips with a ati x1350 graphic adaptor. after creating 10000 polylines and hardware-support render target, i render those polyline using direct2D and GDI. i have tested the following case using Direct2D : (1)each line has a associative PathGeometry Object (2)using only one PathGeometry Object in which it has many figures initialization code snippet: GetClientRect(&rect); //1.generating point for(unsigned int i = 0; i < 10000;++i) { std::vector<D2D_POINT_2F> psf; for(unsigned int m = 0;m<10;++m) { int x = rand(); x = x % rect.right; int y = rand(); y = y % rect.bottom; D2D_POINT_2F _p={x,y}; psf.push_back(_p); } m_GeometryF.push_back(psf); } //2.create path geometry object and fill point ID2D1PathGeometry* pg = 0; ID2D1GeometrySink* pgs = 0; m_Renderer->GetD2DFactory()->CreatePathGeometry(&pg); pg->Open(&pgs); for(unsigned int i = 0; i < m_GeometryF.size();++i) {// for each polyline , create a figure D2D1_FIGURE_BEGIN fg = D2D1_FIGURE_BEGIN_HOLLOW; D2D1_FIGURE_END fe; fe = D2D1_FIGURE_END_CLOSED; pgs->BeginFigure(fb,fg); pgs->AddLines(&m_GeometryF[1],m_GeometryF.size()-1); pgs->EndFigure(fe); } the rendering stage is simple. rendering code snippet: RenderTarget->DrawGeometry(pg,Brush,(FLOAT)1);// the brush is a solid color brush I found that most time was consumed by the RenderTarget->EndDraw() method. is there anyone who known the reason? i think it may be an error deriving from an improper usage of Direct2D. thanks in advance. [Edited by - kamimail on March 1, 2010 11:37:40 PM]

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