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Strange Effect problem

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Hello! I've got another problem: The Effect-File, made by my Shader-Editor, can get compiled without any problems. I do it with D3D10PreprocessShader(), which precompiles the Shader and puts the data into a Blob-Interface. This Blob is saved to a Package file, but this has nothing to do with the problem. Right after precompiling, I want to create the Effect via D3DX10CreateEffectFromMemory(). DirectX10 returns S_OK here, but then, those strange things appear: I have only 1 technique in that shader, but some other are using 2. So I allways try to get both:

As they both were NULL before that, they both got now the memory-address! And thats not all: I want to create the Input layout after this, but when I try to get the pass (Only 1 in the shader), DX10 doesn't find it, I think, because all members of the PassDesc structure are the same as before the call. And so, the CreateInputLayout() call fails. Here is the sourcecode of all that:
SaveScintillaToFile("TempShader.fx",ShaderEditor.Scintillahw);  //Save the Editor-Contents to a textfile
			TheScene.PckHandler->FindPackageByName(LPS ShaderEditor.FilePackage,&Pck); //Find the right Package
				WCHAR Source[MAX_PATH];

				wcscpy(LPS Source,LPS ShaderEditor.LoadedFile);
				wcscat(LPS Source,L".Source"); //Apply .Source, for the Package-version of the shader


				ID3D10Blob* ShaderBlob;
				ID3D10Blob*	Blob_Errors;
				//First try to precompile, I don't think, that this was the right function
				//D3DX10CompileFromFile(L"TempShader.fx", NULL, NULL,NULL, "fx_4_0", D3D10_SHADER_ENABLE_STRICTNESS, NULL, NULL, &ShaderBlob,&Blob_Errors,NULL);
				byte* Data;
				UINT Size;

				//Get the Data of the TempShader.fx file (from disk)

				WShaderInclude Inc; //Include Interface
				D3D10PreprocessShader((LPCSTR)Data,Size,NULL,NULL,&Inc,&ShaderBlob,&Blob_Errors); //Precompile it!

				delete[] Data;
				char* Errors;
				if(Blob_Errors) //I get no error messages...
					Errors=(char *)Blob_Errors->GetBufferPointer();

					CHAR Msg[1024];

					strcpy((char *)&Msg,Errors);

					MessageBoxA(NULL,(char *)&Msg,"There are errors in that file!",MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR);

					InfoBox(L"Compilation succeeded!"); //... so the compilation succeeds
					Pck->AppendMemory(LPS ShaderEditor.LoadedFile,ShaderBlob->GetBufferPointer(),ShaderBlob->GetBufferSize()); //Append the precompiled shader to the package

					Pck->AppendFile(L"TempShader.fx",LPS Source); //Append the sourcecode for later editing

					TreeInfo* TI;
					Browser.GetTreeInfoByTreeItem(ShaderEditor.TreeItem,&TI); //Get the TargetShader

					WShader* Shd=(WShader *)TI->Target;
					Shd->CreateShaderFromFile(NULL,NULL,NULL,ShaderBlob->GetBufferPointer(),ShaderBlob->GetBufferSize(),true); //Compile it


The Create-Effect function:
HRESULT WShader::CreateShaderFromFile(LPWSTR Path,LPWSTR Package,LPWSTR File,LPVOID Memory,long MemSize,bool bIKnowWhatIAmDoingWhenIPassNoPackageInformation,bool bPooled)

	WCHAR Dir[256];

			WarnBox(L"Warning! [w]tech is about to load a Shader from a file! This is NOT recommend!");
				ErrorBox(L"Error! You passed a path without any characters to CreateShaderFromFile()!");
				return E_FAIL;
				ErrorBox(L"Error! You passed a Package-Name without any characters to CreateShaderFromFile()!");
				return E_FAIL;

				ErrorBox(L"Error! You passed a File-Name in a package without any characters to CreateShaderFromFile()!");
				return E_FAIL;
		CheckNULL(Package)wcscpy(LPS ShaderFileInfo.Package,Package); //Save, where we found the Shader
		CheckNULL(File)wcscpy(LPS ShaderFileInfo.File,File);
		CheckNULL(Path)wcscpy(LPS ImportPath,Path);
	GetCurrentDirectory(256,LPS Dir); //Debuging

	Cleanup(); //if we already have some data
	ID3D10EffectPool* Pool=NULL;

	if(SharedParams && bPooled==true)
		Pool=(ID3D10EffectPool*)(*SharedParams->EffectPool); //Use a pool, if we want to

		wcscpy(LPS ImportPackage,Path); //Create one from a file, THATS NOT GOOD!
		V_RETURN(D3DX10CreateEffectFromFile( Path, NULL, NULL, "fx_4_0", dwShaderFlags, 0, DXUTGetD3D10Device(), Pool,
                                              NULL, &MyShader, NULL, NULL ) );
		if(bPooled) //Pooled or not?
			WShaderInclude Inc;

			//void* ShaderData;
			//UINT DataSize;
			//Inc.Open(D3D10_INCLUDE_LOCAL,"wTechBaseShader.fx",Memory,(LPCVOID *)&ShaderData,&DataSize);
			V_RETURN(D3DX10CreateEffectFromMemory(Memory,MemSize,"None",0,&Inc, "fx_4_0", dwShaderFlags, 0, DXUTGetD3D10Device(), Pool,
												  NULL, &MyShader, NULL, NULL ) );

		{//Not pooled
			V_RETURN(D3DX10CreateEffectFromMemory(Memory,MemSize,"None",0,0, "fx_4_0", dwShaderFlags, 0, DXUTGetD3D10Device(), Pool,
												  NULL, &MyShader, NULL, NULL ) ); //Succeeds!
	NormalRenderTechnique=MyShader->GetTechniqueByName("RenderTechnique"); //Get the techniques <--- seems to fail


	UINT numElements = sizeof( BasicVertexLayout ) / sizeof( BasicVertexLayout[0] );

    // Create the input layout
    D3D10_PASS_DESC PassDesc;
    RenderTechnique->GetPassByIndex( 0 )->GetDesc( &PassDesc ); //<--- Seems to fail!
    V_RETURN( DXUTGetD3D10Device()->CreateInputLayout( BasicVertexLayout, numElements, PassDesc.pIAInputSignature,
                                             PassDesc.IAInputSignatureSize, &VertexLayout ) ); //Create the layout


Any suggestions?

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