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[.net] C# CodeCompiler disposal?

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Hi, I have a simple code compiler class that I have to run a couple of times, the code for the class is shown below:
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.CodeDom.Compiler;
using Microsoft.CSharp;
using System.CodeDom;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Xml;
using System.IO;

namespace ILTools.DynamicCompiler
    public class VBCompiler:IDynamicCompiler
        #region Private Members

        private CodeDomProvider _codeCompiler;
        private CompilerResults _compilerResults;
        private string _fileName;


        #region Derived Properties

        public CompilerErrorCollection Errors
            get { return _compilerResults.Errors; }

        public bool HasErrors
            get { return _compilerResults.Errors.HasErrors; }

        public Assembly GeneratedAssembly
            get { return _compilerResults.CompiledAssembly; }


        #region Constructors

        public VBCompiler(string fileName)
            _fileName = fileName;


        #region Compilation Methods

        private void Compile()
            _codeCompiler = CodeDomProvider.CreateProvider("VB");
            CompilerParameters compilerParams = new CompilerParameters();
            compilerParams.OutputAssembly = string.Format("{0}.exe", _fileName);
            compilerParams.GenerateExecutable = true;
            compilerParams.IncludeDebugInformation = true;
            compilerParams.CompilerOptions = "/optimize- /debug:full";
            _compilerResults = _codeCompiler.CompileAssemblyFromFile(compilerParams, _fileName);


My problem is that it seems after the first compilation, any subsequent compilations fail with the following error:
Unable to write to output file 'test.exe': System Error &H80070020&
I've been able to track it down to this section of code and I can only assume it's to do with the fact that the assembly is still stored in memory. Is there any way to 'release' the generated assembly so I can recompile? Thanks Jonathan [edit] What tags do you use to get nice syntax highlighted code?

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