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[SlimDX] Windows Forms Direct3D11 Control

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Hi all I'm migrating from XNA to DirectX11 using SlimDX library. Depending on the idea of XNA GraphicsDeviceControl sample, I created Direct3D11 control which suppose to do the same job. Any suggestion and enhancement is appreciated..... Direct3D11Control is an abstract windows forms control which depends on SlimDX library to facilitate rendering using Direct3D11 in descendant classes. This control has two main tasks: 1- Creating Direct3D11 Device and the main rendering objects: The created device can be shared among many instances of this control so they can share any resources created using this device, or each instance can have his own device. On the other hand, each instance has his own SwapChain, BackBuffer, RenderView and ViewPort. 2- Creating the Rendering loop: Used rendering loop method is the one which is recommended by SlimDX by using native PeekMessage methos to check the Application idleness, but it is used statically to allow each instance of the control to use it. Download or Download [Edited by - Fadiii on March 4, 2010 12:29:14 AM]

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