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ironfroggy    122
As a pre-shot to any game I may make in the future, I am working on several ways to have a computer make itelligent illusions. That is, pretend to be smart :o) My main thing is memory and speach. I want a game where many parts of it are talking to characters, only you get to make up the things you say and they talk back. You could even tell them things and they would remember, hopefully, and such. They could even talk to each other and spread rumors. I am going to go about this in an evolutionary approach. That is, I will start with one version being pretty simple, then I will make each version after that more and more real, tackling one problem at a time. My first step is a system I can converse with through text and that it can be taught simple relationships and be quized on them. This would be done by simply coding it to know that "X is Y." sets X to Y and that "What is X?" means that I want to know what is X? Y. This would be very simple, I know, but, it is only a starting point. I was wondering then, what your thoughts are? And what should I do to evolve this? // God.c void main() { WORLD Earth; LIFE People = Earth.CreateLife(HUMAN); GiveHope(&People); delete Earth; EvilCackle(); }

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Nutter2000    122
my best advise is never ever EVER touch Prolog!

it's an almost "natural language" scripting AI language used in universities which has no use what so ever in the real world!

and, despite the fact that I was actually pretty good at coding with it, I have deep emotional scars from using it!

.... seriously though, prolog is ideally suited doing things like X is Y, and what is X
also pretty good for doing chatter-bot programs

not much use beyond that IMHO, but if you're truely interested a quick search on yahoo brings up sites such as which will give you a free version of their prolog to learn with!
there are others and several FAQ and resource sites but I warn you I will not be held responsible for any loss of sanity through learning prolog!

have fun!

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taliesin73    122
Prolog is also very good for solving logic puzzles. Of course, by the tiem you''ve programmed all the rules in, you''ve probably got the solution anyway. That is, if you unerstand how to solve logic puzzles as well as Prolog can :-)


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