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[SOLVED] Help trying to compile Ogg Vorbis SDK 1.2

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I'm trying to compile ogg vorbis in a computer with Windows XP. I downloaded some packages from the founder's page but was unable to compile all the libraries I needed. Besides, it seems I'm missing some headers. I downloaded de SDK 1.0 from a webpage and compiled succesfully. The thing is, the function ov_open is strongly discouraged for windows users (and the application crashed when it was called) The 1.0 SDK had the following: --> bin ogg.dll ogg_d.dll vorbis.dll vorbis_d.dll vorbisenc.dll vorbisenc_d.dll vorbisfile.dll vorbisfile_d.dll --> include --> ogg ogg.h os_types.h --> vorbis vorbisfile.h vorbisenc.h codec.h --> lib ogg.lib ogg_d.lob ogg_d.pdb ogg_static.lib ogg_static_d.lib vorbis_d.lib vorbis_d.pdb vorbis.lib vorbis_static.lib vorbis_static_d.lib vorbisenc.lib vorbisenc_d.lib vorbisenc_d..pdb vorbisenc_static.lib vorbisenc_static_d.lib vorbisfile.lib vorbisfile_d.lib vorbisfile_d.pdf vorbisfile_static.lib vorbisfile_static.lib I can't seem to get the ogg headers nor the whole set of libraries. I've built some of the libraries but had problems building the others. I use VS2008 but also tried loading them with VC6 (most workspaces were saved in that version) but failed to compile again. Does anyone know any way around this problem? I can't find these files I need. (at least ogg, vorbisfile, vorbis libraries with the corresponding headers) I've found some files on these pages but I'm missing most of the SDK (ogg and vorbis headers among those) http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jfe1205/OggVorbis/ http://www.rarewares.org/ogg-libraries.php I need the 1.2 version to use the ov_fopen function for windows users that is located in the "vorbisfile.h". Here's the official download page: http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/vorbis/ Can anyone help me with this? - By assisting me in the building of the whole SDK or providing me with the binaries? I intend to use it with OpenAl (wich I'm using succesfully). As a last resort. What other methods, supported libraries could I use? Thank you very much. [Edited by - alexhans on May 2, 2010 3:25:53 PM]

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What does "failed to compile" mean? Do you get compile errors? What errors?

I've never had any problems using the OGG vorbis SDK on VC6, VC2003 or VC2005.

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I'm sorry I forgot to reply to this.

I solved the problem a couple of days later after the OP and I forgot to post about it.

Here's a raw set of instructions to do it I wrote for myself.


go to the win32 folder of the ogg folder
build static
build dynamic
place the object Files, the object file libraries, the program debug database in your lib folder.
place the libogg.dll in your system32 folder (or your chosen place for dlls)
make sure you include the ogg and vorbis headers in the proper inclusion folders.

^^ These steps are needed to compile libvorbis.
go to the win32 folder of the libvorbis folder
compile the static
place all relevant files in the proper places
compile the dynamic
if you get an error like this one:
Error 2 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _analysis_output_always vorbis.def
open vorbis.def and look for the line where _analysis_output_always is specified, and put a semi colon in front of it. that'll comment out the line.
The function definition itself is normally commented out in the code, so that's why you're having this problem.
then place each file in it's place and voilá.

You're done.

Make a sample project and test it.
(linking to these libs will suffice: alut.lib openal32.lib libvorbisfile.lib)

Thanks for helping, and sorry for not answering. I realize the OP was not good.

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